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“To stop your mind does not mean to stop the activities of the mind. It means your mind pervades your whole body." - Shunryu Suzuki, Zen Master

"Whilst I prefer to physically be with others in a group, the online class gave a different view of the collective group and actually heightened my senses in the practices. There was also that sensation of being alone in my own habitat in each of the practices and then being part of the larger group in the discussion. You have introduced a way of being in the body that makes sense to me. I have felt a lightness in my body this week gradually creating clarity, calm and an emergence of a new, fresh focus." - Theresa, Dance/Movement Therapist

2018-19 Embodied Mindfulness Online

Introductory 75 minute Classes by donation


March 17: 9am

May 6: 9:30am

July 7: 9am

August 26: 9am

September 23: 9AM

november 10: 9am

December 16: 9 am


January 13: 9am

February 16: 9am

March 30: 9am

All times Pacific - please adjust for your time zone

Classes are recorded for playback

To register and receive log-in information, send a donation via Paypal to: naturebeingart@gmail.com

Suggested donation: $15-25

Embodied Mindfulness is a somatic approach to traditional contemplative sitting practice developed by Jamie McHugh.

In this 75 minute online interactive class, you are guided through 2 practices to enliven your body and quiet your mind. Between each practice there is time for exploration and personal reflection followed by a brief question and answer period.

These embodied practices focus and sustain your mental attention while pleasurably cultivating bodily calm and clarity, making the work applicable for every-body, all age groups and all levels of physical conditioning.

These by donation classes are recorded for you to download and enjoy at a future time. The class also serves as an introduction to the 3 module Embodied Mindfulness Training and Certification Click here for more information


Jamie McHugh

"Thank you Jamie for your work, for your journeys from the outside in with physical stepping stones that help me to anchor in and connect with the physicality of my being. It is truly a treasure for me." - Elisabeth, Teacher