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“Jamie holds a spacious attentiveness that invites one's inner energy to move in its natural patterns. From there, his teachings and technologies of amplification, slowing down, bringing in breath or sound, repeating micro movements that come from a felt inner sensing, or working with opposite impulses (to name just a few!) help to bring a more intimate relationship with what is alive in the moment and what maybe wants to be born.” - Jeremy, psychotherapist

“You seemed to effortlessly distill the essence of what was internally going on, help me name it, and then gave tools to attend to where I am at right now. I'm feeling much gratitude for the awareness, for the suggested methods of leaving my self imposed dark tunnel, as well as your ever-ready permission and support.” - Ann, massage therapist

Somatic Expression Individual Sessions

Deepen awareness of your body

Enlarge your expressive range

Increase sensory-motor perception and decrease mental chatter

Learn practical tools for self-care

Uncover personal meaning in somatic feedback and symptoms

Identify creative solutions for your life

Integrate awareness and action into your personal daily practice

NOTE: I offer individual somatic coaching sessions on Zoom with a "pay what you are able" sliding scale. Your session is recorded for your personal use.

30 minutes ($50-100) or 60 minutes ($90-180)

Contact me here to arrange a session

OVERVIEW: I have been a Registered Somatic Movement Therapist through ISMETA (The International Somatic Movement Education and Therapy Association) since 1989, and work in both educational and private practice settings. I use my skills to help people living with depression, post-traumatic stress disorder, life-threatening illnesses, chemical dependencies, eating disorders, anxiety, and stress find pragmatic tools and action strategies for collaborating with their own healing process.

Fundamental to personal empowerment is the inquiry into how we breathe, vocalize, sit, stand, and move. These basic pre-verbal actions reflect our history, habits, and identity.

By starting with your body and introducing somatic activities relevant to your individual issues and needs, we establish a dialogue between the preverbal and the verbal, and between the belly and the brain.

Alternating between action and reflection helps clarify what is essential for exploration and moving forward.

Our process is a collaborative inquiry that draws on a broad range of resources – a session can involve the somatic technologies of breath, vocalization, contact, movement and stillness in tandem with verbal reflection and dialogue.

I work closely with your needs, interests, and comfort level to determine which direction to take and what resource to use.

I am both a witness - giving you full attention and a coach - offering resources, possibilities and encouragement.

I absorb your preverbal language of gestures, eye contact, posture, movement, breathing rhythm, vocal tone/tempo, and the silences as well as your verbal expression of words and images.

Paying attention to these varied modes of self-expression helps me empathically get a glimpse into your world so I can respond with targeted resources and tools, and coach you in effectively reaching your personal goals.

Photo by Hilary Nichols


“Jamie is not adequately nor accurately described by words like dancer or movement therapist - he is much more for which there are no good words. Transformative artist may approach his ability to utilize the non-verbal (movement, vocalization, drawing) not only expressively but also conjointly with the psychological/ insightful to promote a healing integration of awareness." - George F. Solomon, M.D., UCLA