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"Our breath is our way of exchanging ourselves with the world. We breathe the world in and we breathe ourselves out into the world; it is a constant relationship which goes on mostly unconsciously. The use of the voice is one way in which this becomes conscious.” – Jill Purce

Mindful Vocalizing

October 5, 7-9pm
Zurich, Switzerland
CHF 40 in advance/50 at the door

To register, contact Clarissa

Breath is the core movement of your body - the primary way life moves inside you. Vocalization is the exhale made audible with vibration - the first way your nature is expressed outward. Both breath and vocalization are the fundamental transformative somatic technologies available for enlivening your body and quieting your mind.

In this evening, we will explore simple breath and vibratory sound activities as a contemplative and expressive practice for increasing sensation, widening perception, and deepening stillness.