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"Our breath is our way of exchanging ourselves with the world. We breathe the world in and we breathe ourselves out into the world; it is a constant relationship which goes on mostly unconsciously. The use of the voice is one way in which this becomes conscious.” – Jill Purce

“Jamie's workshops have felt spacious, light, tender and kind. I feel wholeheartedly nourished and closer to myself through his work. There is always something new I understand. I return home inspired and curious.” – Clarissa, Artist and Teacher

Bringing Spirit into Form:
The Moving Art of Breathing and Sounding

April 29, 2018 Online
9am-noon Pacific Time
Log-in information provided upon registration

The online class will be recorded and available for playback to all participants

$40/by April 27; $50/after
To register, mail a check to Jamie McHugh, PO Box 250, Albion, CA 95410 or payment via Paypal to naturebeingart@gmail.com

Breath is the primary mover of the body; vocalization is breath vibrated and expressed; and movement is breath made visible. All three in various combinations are the fundamental somatic technologies for transforming the body, softening the ego and opening the heart.

In this workshop, we explore a series of breath and vocalization resources and weave them together in a dynamic rhythm of movement and stillness. This process-oriented approach helps you meet yourself in new and unexpected ways, and uses personal reflection, writing and speaking for affirmation and integration.

This approach has been shared with groups around the world for the past 15 years, and has been of particular interest to yoga, dance, and movement teachers of all types, as well as to all people on the path of sustainable embodiment.